Mission and Vision


 The department is dedicated to the university’s vision of achieving national distinction while strengthening local relevance. This vision is enunciated and dedicated to the three goals.  

  • Goal 1: Execute high quality programs. We will maximize the students’ abilities to pursue their goals, by being responsible and globally aware life-long learners. To include under-served groups, we will recruit and foster retention of a diverse student population. 
  • Goal 2: Foster nationally competitive basic and applied research, which provides a training ground for students, stimulates economic development and enhances the body of scientific knowledge.
  • Goal 3: Serve the university and its stakeholders by providing expertise.


The mission of the Department is to provide a quality education across a broad spectrum of biosciences fields, and to carry out competitive research in scientific areas that reflect faculty interests and overall institutional concerns. Woven through the curricula is professional preparatory work that develops the written and oral communication skills of students, promotes their ability to apply the scientific method in experimental and comparative contexts. The core of this mission is to identify areas that are unique and appealing for student enrolment growth, of strategic importance to the University, and leverage microbiology’s unique disciplinary position leading to new strategic directions.

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