Our Mission and Vision


The University of Swabi aspires to be the leading university among the newly established universities of Pakistan, renowned and recognized around the world for offering extensive academic and professional programs of the ultimate quality, for its idiosyncratic style of learning that engage and organize students and faculty for leadership roles in the society, and for being a major national and international center of learning and research in the quest to improve human life.


The University of Swabi aims to improve its students, faculty and staff with an education and learning experience of the premier quality, offering a comprehensive platform of education and professional program, encouraging the personal, social, academic, and career growth of all students, faculty and staff; adding to humanoid knowledge; contributing to the cultural, social and economic progress of society through ground breaking research, acquisition and application of knowledge; and contributing to the encroachment of learning and to the growth of human resources in Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and rest of the country.

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