Chancellor's Message

The University of Swabi enjoys a respectable position as a seat of learning amongst the reputed universities of the county owing to its rich cultural heritage and due to its quality education which is being provided to a multitude of students at affordable cost.

It is a matter of immense pleasure for me that University of Swabi is striving for academic and imparting standards higher education and has made significant improvements and noteworthy achievement in the field of quality higher education within a short span of time. Coupled with this, by introducing innovative research in latest area of scientific inquiry and new scientific disciplines would greatly help to cultivates an atmosphere essential for acquiring high academic standards.

I am full of praise for the fact that the University of Swabi has erected a modern infrastructure, which not only includes sprawling and gracious looking buildings but state of the art laboratories and IT facilities. This will enable students to update their knowledge in various scientific disciplines as technology has become a harbinger of change-- a change towards progress, prosperity, and a better future.

As a Chancellor, I congratulate the management and Faculty for momentous achievement and hope that they will play their roles with the spirit to strengthen this institution further through providing quality educational facilities to young generation in meeting modern challenges.

Chancellor University of Swabi

Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

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