At the moment we are offering B.S Hon in microbiology. But later on INSHALLAH we plan to extent the offered programmes as M.S and further M.Phil. in Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Biotechnology.

THE Curriculum

The curriculum designed for the BS Hons in Microbiology will prepare the graduates to cope up with the issues for wide spectrum of areas including Medicine,Dairy,Poultry, Agriculture, Industry,Molecular biology and Biotechnology.

These groomed man power will play a vital role in economic growth,and hopefully will bring change in the above mentioned areas in the country.It will also create awareness about public health and safety and facilitate the establishment of liaision between Microbiologist and socientien industry.

Mode of Study:

  • Total number of credit hours :133
  • Duiration:4 years
  • Semester duration:16-18 weeks
  • Semesters:8
  • Course load per semester: 15-18 Cr Hr
  • Number of Courses per semester:4-6(not more than 3 lab/practical courses

Its two Semester every year starting from September/fall.


Fall September/October

The Department is offering graduate program and excellent research possibilities for young scientists. Biological areas covered are: Biochemistry, cellular and molecular microbiology, microbial biochemistry, modelling molecular ecology and plant microbe interactions.

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