Department of Management Sciences

The Department of Management Sciences is one of the largest Department in University of Swabi with vibrant, innovative, forward-looking approach and home to over 200 students. Based in the flagship building at the main entrance to the University, the Department offers a range of programs covering the core areas of Finance, Human Resource Management and Marketing for both BBA (Hons) and MBA.

The modern world comprises of more than half of top management positions from management group. That is why Department of Management Sciences of University of Swabi is committed to produce high quality leaders and administrator for the purpose to manage organizations nationally and abroad with excellence. To deliver excellence, all programs within the department are designed to add value to students’ degrees by encouraging an advanced, integrated and critical examination of the ever-changing and demanding needs of organisations while meeting criteria set by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

We are equally proud of the first and only passed out MBA batch of the Department, which highlights the passion and commitment of the well capable Teaching and Supporting staff of the Department to deliver and maintain the highest possible education level.

Moreover, Our degree courses are designed to equip students with the conceptual and analytical means for business and management.  This will enable them to keep pace with the ever-changing world of business so that they are not left behind in their career when new practices or innovations are introduced.

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