Mission and Vision

The department is in infancy but is poised to become a leading Earth Science institute within country and internationally. The mission of the department is to produce industry-oriented earth scientists.  It is envisioned that the department will be a future hub of applied geoscientists. This will enhance the capabilities of the local mineral sector entrepreneurs and will contribute to the national economy. One of the missions of the department is to promote environmental friendly mining and mineral extraction methodologies in the area. This is possible through dedicated awareness campaigns, seminars, symposiums and workshops targeting the mineral industry and related government officials.

The University of Swabi campus is located on the northern edge of a series of Cambrian rocks (Ambar Formation) that contain dolomitic limestone and argillites. These rocks are being exploited by local miners by indiscriminate blasting and in the process more than 50% of the resource is wasted. The department considers it its duty to educate the miners to either disband the mining altogether to preserve the local beauty, flora and fauna or adopt methodologies best suited for a sustainable exploitation.

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