Mission and Vision


Capability to look beyond their surroundings and analytical vision to place and define themselves in the wider social, cultural, political and ideological environment. The department of Urdu is striving to instill in the students a spirit of critical inquiry, to sensitize aestheticism and humanize the students enabling them to become leaders of change. As the study of literature is no longer leisure and pleasure activity, the students are encouraged to use their critical potential to study literature in its true intellectual milieu.


The scheme of studies for B.S, M.A, M.Phil. and PhD programs is designed in such a way that it may cater to the needs of prospective researchers in this vital national discipline. Urdu is in need to have a new generation of young enthusiastic scholars and researchers to make their contributions to keep developing Urdu as a language. The present global surge in linguistic studies is a challenge that Urdu scholars need to meet with scientific research. The history of the developed nations who have made a mark in the fields of science and technology is witness to the fact that without developing their national language a nation cannot make such progress. The Department of Urdu at UOS has set such goals for itself and is working and developing in this direction.

Therefore, vision of the department of Urdu is to enable the students not only to keep pace with the Copernican changes taking place in the field of knowledge but also to become contributors to it.

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