Vision, Mission and Objectives


“To see a self sufficient, technologically advanced, economically prosperous, intellectually mature and morally impeccable society in Pakistan through transformation of agricultural enterprise for the benefit of the people of Swabi in particular and the rest of the world in general”


“The Department of Agriculture extends quality higher education & training to the public for enhancing their knowledge, nurturing their intellects and grooming their talents for leading and managing the transformation of society in general, and the agriculture, in particular. The department motivates, facilitates and encouragesteachers and students of Agriculture to gain, create, utilize and disseminate knowledge within the bounds of moral norms”.


  1. To produce trained skilled work force, having a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, capable of employing knowledge inputs for the rapid and sustainable development of Pakistan.
  2. To conduct problem solving, farmer-oriented research for maximum production, productivity and quality.
  3. To provide educational and research linkages among the public and public institutions for advancement of agriculture and alleviation of poverty.
  4. To equip the students to face the challenges, both professional and social in their practical life.

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