Mission and Vision


Legal education has markedly evolved across the globe in recent years. Considering the need of the hourUniversity of Swabi established Department of Law to cater the needs of students who aspire to become future lawyers and want to pursue dynamic career in law. The Department of Lawoffers a creative and dynamic learning environment, a diverse and dedicated faculty and a student body who frequently interact with each other. Apart from that the department continuously strive to enhance legal skills of it students by conducting and participation in various moot court and mock trial competitions so that the students are able to horn their legal skills and interact with other law schools to keep them abreast of modern legal trends. Besides their studies students of the department participate in seminars, workshops, study circles, study tours and sports.

 The LL.B programme is designed to develop a critical awareness of the common law legal traditions and to apply analytical and problem-solving skills in a range of legal and non-legal settings. What makes our Programmes special is the breadth of our curriculum, an impressive intellectual community of teachers and scholars heightened by visiting professors as well as constant participation by members of the Bar.

Our goal as a law department is very clear which is to become the nation's top and most progressive law institution, and to ensure that our students are prepared to prevail in the legal field.

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