Name :Dr. Hidayat Ullah (PBG)
Designation :Associate Professor / Chairman
Department : Agriculture
Qualification(s) :PhD (Plant Breeding & Genetics) The University of Agriculture, Peshawar
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Being Plant breeder my prioritize job is to change the genetics of plants through a variety of molecular & conventional schemes of modifications to feed the human & livestock. Not only this in a teamwork my focus will be on the applications of biotechnology and molecular breeding for improving the overall function of various plants and crop systems especially Cereals & Legumes. Besides the applied research I would like to add my inputs in basic sciences. By the changing nature of crops I would like to emphasize on the Genotype by Environment interaction in crops for screening out the stable lines.

I would like to serve as reviewer of quality manuscripts in different national & International journals & use the techniques already applied by different researcher for the improvement of wheat, maize & other crop

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Conferences attended & Abstracts Presented

1.    Ullah, H., Khalil, I.H., Shahwar, D., Lightfoot, D.A., Khalil, I.A., and Srour, A. Selecting High Yielding and Stable Mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek) Genotypes Using GGE Biplot Technique. January 14-18, 2012. Town & Country Convention Centre San Diego, CA, USA. (International, USA)

2.     Ullah, H., Jasim, M., Lightfoot, D.A. 2010. Using A Minimum Tile Path For Gene Function Discovery By Plant Transformations Encompassing The Entire Soybean Genome. January 9-13, 2010. Town & Country Convention Centre San Diego, CA, USA.  Large-Insert DNA Libraries and Their Applications  (International, USA)

3.     Ullah, H., Khalil, I.H., and Khalil, I.A. Performance of Mungbean Genotypes Evaluated in Multi-Environmental Trials Using the GGE Biplot Method. 2nd National Conference on Ecology May 3-7, 2010 Federal Urdu University of Science & Technology. (National, Pak)

4.     Ullah, H., Khalil, I.H., Khalil, I.A. 2010. Performance of Mungbean genotypes evaluated under multi environmental trails. National Seminar for technological Interventions for Food Security and Environment Safety. Bara Gali, Abbotabad. June 28, July 02-2010. (National, Pak)

5.     Lightfoot, D.A., Ullah, H. Use Of pCLD04541 Large Insert Clones and a Minimum Tile Path for Plant Transformations Encompassing the Entire Soybean Genome. Plant & Animal Genomes XVII Conference, January 10-14, 2009 Town & Country Convention Center San Diego, CA, USA. (International, USA)

6.     Srour, A., Ullah, H., Saini, N., Blahut-Beatty, L., Simmonds, D., Lighfoot, D.A. Transgenic Analyses Of The rhg1 Locus: A Dominant Multigene Cluster That Alters Plant Development. Plant & Animal Genomes XVII Conference, January 10-14, 2009 Town & Country Convention Center San Diego, CA USA. (International, USA)

7.     Srour, A., Jayaraman, D., Yesudas, C., Kazi, S., Rabia, B., Ullah, H., Sharma, H., Saini, N., Lightfoot, D.A. Coupled QTL and association mapping Soybeans: Examples from Seed Protein and Oil Content and Disease Resistance. Plant & Animal Genomes XVII Conference, January 10-14, 2009 Town & Country Convention Center San Diego, CA, USA. (International, USA)

8.     Subhan, F., Muhammad, T., Irfaq, M., Amin, M., and Ullah, H. Evaluation of Exotic Wheat Germplasm for yield & YR Response at Distinct locations of Pakistan. “International Wheat Seminar” Wheat Research Institute, Faisalabad February 2006. pp-73-74. (International, Pak)

Research Projects

1.     HEC Funded Project of Rs 0.5 Million titled “Selection of superior groundnut genotypes under different environmental conditions of KPK”, Vide Higher Education Commission letter No. PM-IPFP/HRD/HEC/2012/2785, dated September 14th, 2012.

2.     "Genotype x Environment Interaction, Heritability and Selection Response for Morpho-Physiological and Yield Traits in Mungbean (PhD Research Project)"  (1.4 Million PKR)  By: Higher Education Commission, Pakistan  (09/10/2006-09/10/2010).