Name : Dr. Ihsanullah
Designation : Assistant Professor
Department : Pharmacy
Qualification(s) : PhD in Pharmacy (Neuropharmacology) University of Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan
Qualification(s) : B-Pharm Gomal University D.I.Khan, KPK, Pakistan
Qualification(s) :
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  1. Ali G, Subhan Fazal, Islam Nazar Ul, Ullah Nasir, Shahid Muhammad, Ullah Sami, Ullah Ihsan, Shah Rehmat, Khan Ikhtiar, Robert DE Sewell. Comparative evaluation of gastroulcerogenic potential of nitrogen isoforms of salicyl alcohol and aspirin in rats: biochemical and histological study. Archives of Pharmacal Research (2013):1-11 (Impact factor 1.5)
  2. Ullah I, Subhan F, Rauf K, Badshah A, Ali G. Role of gastrointestinal motility/gastric emptying in cisplatin-induced vomiting in pigeon. African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology (2012) 6:2592-2599 (Impact factor 0.8)
  3. Rauf K, Subhan F, Abbas M, Badshah A, Ullah I, Ullah S. Effect of Bacopasides on acquisition and expression of morphine tolerance. Phytomedicine (2011) 18:836-842 (Impact factor 2.9)
  4. Badshah A, Subhan F, Rauf K, Irfan Bukhari N, Shah K, Khan S, Ahmed Z,  Ullah I. Development of Controlled-Release Matrix Tablet of Risperidone: Influence of Methocel®-and Ethocel®-Based Novel Polymeric Blend on In Vitro Drug Release and Bioavailability. AAPS PharmSciTech (2011):1-9 (Impact factor 1.5)

My main research interest is anti-emetic drug discovery. I am also very interested in profiling the emetic potential of clinical candidates.

We focus on studies in pigeons and rodents:

  1. Behavioral studies to assess emesis and feeding, conditioned taste aversions and pica, spontaneous locomotor activity, generalized behaviors including grooming and face washing etc.
  2. We have established HPLC coupled with electrochemical detection to examine neurotransmitter modulations in the brain areas involved in the act of vomiting.


In addition, I collaborate closely with other members in:

Department of Pharmacy, University of Peshawar, Pakistan

Prof. Fazal Subhan

Brain Gut Laboratory, SBS, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Prof. John Anthony Rudd

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