Name : Dr. Syeda Urooj Babar
Designation : Lecturer
Department : Management Sciences
Qualification(s) : PhD
Qualification(s) :
Qualification(s) :
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  1. 2022 Impact of Multi-Generational Team Conflict, Coordination and Personality Types on their Team Performance. Multicultural Education Journal. Y category Journal
  2. 2021. Article Impact of Work Cognition Inventory & Team Diversity on Team Performance. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change. W category Journal
  3. 2020 Article Impact of Diversity & Work Cognition Inventory on Team Satisfaction. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change. W-category Journal
  4. 2020 Article Moderating Effect of Individual Team Member Creativity on the Link of Team Diversity and Work Cognition Inventory with Team Performance. International Review of Management and Marketing. X-category Journal
  5. 2018 Article Impact of Dividend Policy on Shareholders’ Wealth: An Empirical Analysis of Listed Insurance Companies in Pakistan. Journal of Business and Tourism
  6. 2017 Article Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership Effectiveness: Mediation Effect of Perceived Organizational Support and Supervisor Support European Journal of Business and Management
  7. 2017 Article Impact of Islamic Motives, Serviceability & Customers Awareness on Customer Satisfaction from Islamic Banks Journal of Philosophy, Culture and Religion

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