Name : Dr. Muhammad Ahsan
Designation : Lecturer
Department : Mathematics
Qualification(s) : MS. in Mathematics, UET Peshawar
Qualification(s) : BS. in Mathematcs, Islamia College Peshawar
Qualification(s) : Ph.D
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Email :
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  • Muhammad Ahsan, Shanwei Lin, Masood Ahmad, Muhammad Nisar, Imtiaz Ahmad, Hijaz Ahmed and Xuan Liu. “A Haar wavelet based scheme for finding the control parameter in nonlinear inverse heat conduction equation” Open Physics, 2021. (IF=1.067)
  • Liu, Xuan, Muhammad Ahsan, Masood Ahmad, Muhammad Nisar, Xiaoling Liu, Imtiaz Ahmad and Hijaz Ahmad. "Applications of Haar Wavelet-Finite Difference Hybrid Method and Its Convergence for Hyperbolic Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with Energy and Mass Conversion." Energies 14.23 (2021): 7831. (IF=3.004)
  • Liu, Xuan, Muhammad Ahsan, Masood Ahmad, Iltaf Hussian, M. M. Alqarni, and Emad E. Mahmoud"Haar wavelets multi-resolution collocation procedures for two-dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger equation." Alexandria Engineering Journal 60.3 (2021): 3057-3071. (IF=3.732)
  • Muhammad Ahsan, Masood Ahmad, Wajid Khan, Emad E Mahmoud, Abdel-Haleem. Meshless analysis of nonlocal boundary value problems in anisotropic and inhomogeneous media. Mathematics 8 (11) (2020) 2045. (IF=2.258)
  • Shah Nazir, Sara Shahzad, Rohul Amin, Muhammad Ahsan. Birthmark based identification of software piracy using Haar wavelet. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation (2019). (IF=2.463)
  • Muhammad Ahsan, Imtiaz Ahmad, Masood Ahmad, and Altaf Hussian. "A numerical Haar wavelet-finite difference hybrid method for linear and non-linear Schrödinger equation." Mathematics and Computers in Simulation (2019). (IF=2.463)
  • Ahmad, Imtiaz, Muhammad Ahsan, Zaheer-ud Din, Ahmad Masood, and Poom Kumam. "An Efficient Local Formulation for Time–Dependent PDEs." Mathematics 7, no. 3 (2019): 216. (IF=2.258)
  • Ahmad, Imtiaz, Muhammad Ahsan, Iltaf Hussain, Poom Kumam, and Wiyada Kumam. "Numerical Simulation of PDEs by Local Meshless Differential Quadrature Collocation Method." Symmetry 11, no. 3 (2019): 394. (IF=2.713)
  • Muhammad Ahsan, Siraj-ul-islam, Iltaf Hussain. "Haar wavelets multi-resolution collocation analysis of unsteady inverse heat problems." Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering (2018): 1-23. (IF=1.314)
  • Siraj-ul-islam, Muhammad Ahsan, Iltaf Hussain. A multi-resolution collocation procedure for time-dependent inverse heat problems. International journal of thermal science 128 (2018) 160-174. (IF=3.744)
  • Nazir, Shah, Anwar Hussain, Sara Shahzad, Hanif ur Rehman, Islam Zada, Muhammad Ahsan, Zohaib Ahmad, and Abdullah Khan. "Determination of Awareness of Piracy Level on Educational Institutions-A Questionnaire Based Study." EAI Endorsed Trans. Energy Web 5, no. 17 (2018).
  • Muhammad Ahsan and Siraj-ul-Islam. Numerical simulation of pure diffusion model by Haar wavelets. 2nd Conference on Sustainability in Process Industries (SPI 2014) 22nd May 2014 at UET Peshawar.p(23-27).

1. National Conference of Mathematical science in Engineering Application, 18-19th April 2018 UET Peshawar (as a presenter).
2. One day workshop on Self Assessment Report writing held on April 06, 2017 at University of Swabi.
3. 1st workshop on Statistical Analysis Using SPSS held on March 17, 2017 at University of Swabi.
4. One day Symposium on Numerical Computing & its Applications on 28 February 2017 at UET Peshawar.
5. 1st National Conference on Mathematical Science on 2-4 September 2014 at University of Malakand (as a presenter)..
6. 2nd Conference on Sustainability in Process Industries (SPI 2014) 22nd May 2014 at UET Peshawar (as a presenter).
7. One Day International Workshop on Computational Mathematics with Application 10th march 2014 at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar.

"Numerical solution of linear and nonlinear Ordinary and Partial differential Equations by  Meshless and Meshbased methods"

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