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Literary society participated in Islamabad Literary Festival30-04-2013

Members and in-charge of various societies and clubs, university of Swabi headed by Dr. Asad Ali, Editor in chief of University Magazine visited the two-day Islamabad Literature Festival on Tuesday April 30, 2012. The festival bring together a galaxy of novelists, poets, journalists and writers who read out literary works and discussed political issues at various sessions. The event provided an opportunity to book lovers to interact with famous writers attending the festival being held in Islamabad for the first time. Leading personalities spoke at the sessions including MuneezaShamsie, IntizarHussain, ZehraNigar, Shahzad Roy, KamilaShamsi, Raj Wali Shah Khattak, MustansirHussaintarar, Amjad Islam Amjad and Abdullah Hussain.

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