Name : Dr. Abdul Majid Khan
Designation : Head of Department
Department : Sociology
Qualification(s) : PhD in Sociology (University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom)
Qualification(s) : MPhil in Sociology (University of Peshawar)
Qualification(s) : Master in Sociology (University of Peshawar) (Gold Medalist)
Phone : 03339811165 (whatsapp)
Email :
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1. Quddus, U., Majid, A., & Khan, M.A. (2021). Equality Clause in Pakistan: A Need for Elevation to Supra Constitutional Status. Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government, 27(1).


2. Ahmad, M., Jawad, M., Majid, A., Zubair, S., Sarir, S., & Quddus, U. (2021). Revival of Jirga through DRC with Special Emphasis on Sustainable Resolution of Conflict: With Reference to District Swabi-KP, Pakistan. Psychology and Education, 58(2

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