Name : Dr. Imran Khan
Designation : Assistant Professor
Department : Pharmacy
Qualification(s) : PhD, University of Malakand (Metobolic disorder, Neuro Pharmacology)
Qualification(s) : Pharm-D, University of Malakand
Qualification(s) :
Phone :
Email :
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1. One day seminar on “Capacity Building of Pharmacy Graduate”organized by Department of Pharmacy, 19th October, 2023.
2. One day workshop on “ Use of CRISPR cas 9 in animal and cell lines” Organized by Department of Microbiology, University of Swabi 19th Septmber, 2019.
3. “1st National Conference on Current Updates in Pharmacy Profession and Research” Organized by Department of Pharmacy, COMSATE University Islamabad, Abbotabad Campus July 29-30,2019.
4. InterNational Pharmacy Conference and Exhibition (IPCE) 2019, Organized by Department of Pharmacy, University of Swabi June 18-20th , 2019.
5. “9th International seminar from Plant to patients Identification of New Drug for Metobolic Disorders” Organized by Asian Network of research on antidiabetic Plants (ANRAP) Panjwani Centre for Moleculer medicine and Research International centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences to be held on Januarry 25-27, 2019
6. Two days International Conference on “ Ist IntaerNational Coneference on startegies for Therapeutic control & Prevention of dangue & other infectious diseases in Pakistan” to be held on 1-2 March, 2018 Organized by
7. One day Consultancy Workshop HEc Funded Thematic Research grant Project “ causes and consequences of HIV/ AIDS in Rural and Urban Communities of Pakistan” to be held on December 08, 2018 at Departemnt of Sociology University of Malakand.
8. 3 Days Interantional Conference on “ Climate Change impact on Agriculture and Food Supply” to be held on april24-26, 2018 department of agriculture University of Swabi.
9. On day seminar on “ Antibiotic Awareness week 2017” Organized by department of Pharmacy, University of Swabi dated 22nd November, 2017.
10. One day Training Work shop on the Power Lab” Organized by Department of Pharmacy, University of Swabi dated 08 November 2017.
11. 1st National Conference on “Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences” October 09-11, 2017, Organized by Department of Pharmacy, university of Malakand.
12. One day workshop on “Ist work shop on Computer Based Softaware Application in Research” Organized by Department of Computer Science University of Swabi.22nd May 2017.
13. One day National Seminar on “Clinical Pharmacy and future Challenges to Clinical Pharamcist in Pakistan” Organized by Department of Pharmacy, University of Swabi 3rd May 2017.
14. 3 days International Conference “ New Horizon in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences” Abbotabad University of Science and `Technology, Havelian Abbotabad 27th to 29th May 2017.
15. One day Workshop on “Biosafety Training Workshop for Young Researcher” Oraganized by Department of Agriculture Universty of Swabi with collaboration National academic Young Scientist (NAYS) Pakistan and Sure Bio- Diabnostic and Pharmaceuticals. (20/12/2016).
16. One day Seminar on “HIV- Hepatitis” Organized by Department of Sociology, University of Malakand, Chakdara Lower Dir (17/12/2016).
17. One day seminar on “World antibiotic Awareness Week 2016” organized by Department of Pharmacy, university of Swabi (23rd November 2016).
18. “Annual Neurosciences Meetings 2016 Showcasing Neurosciences Research in Pakistan”, Saturday 8th October, 2016, Organized by Agha Khan University Karachi with collaboration of PASBAN and AERIC.(October 8, 2016)
19. “27th National and 15th Inter National Chemistry” Conference August 22-25.
Organized by department of Chemistry, University of Malakand with collaboration HEC, Pakistan Chemical society (2016).
20. “IBRO-APRRC Associate Workshop of Neuroscience, from Basic Neuroscience to advance Applications 2016” organized by Atta ur-Rehman School of applied Bioscience (ASAB), National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Islamabad.
21. One day Seminar “International conference on recent innovation in Pharmaceutical Sciences 2015” organized by Ripahah institute of Pharmaceutical sciences Islamsabad (2015).
22. National Pharmacy conference on “Pharmacy as Profession Challlanges and opportunity in the new scenario” organized by Department of Pharmacy university of Peshawar Campus II Baragali (2015).
23. Workshop on “Eradication of Polio using ICT” organized by Department of Computer Science University of Malakand(2015).

  1. GABA receptors
  2. Opioid receptors
  3. Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
  4. Glycine receptors

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