Name : Dr. Imran Khan
Designation : Assistant Professor
Department : Pharmacy
Qualification(s) : PhD, University of Malakand (Metobolic disorder, Neuro Pharmacology)
Qualification(s) : Pharm-D, University of Malakand
Qualification(s) :
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  1. Waqar Ahmad, Imran Khan, MirAzam Khan, Manzoor Ahmad, FazalSubhan, and Nasiara Karim, “Evaluation of antidiabetic and antihyperlipidemic activity of Artemisia indica linn. (Aeriel parts) in Streptozotocin induced diabetic rats,” Journal of Ethnopharmacology, vol. 151, pp. 618–623, 2014 (IF=3.2)
  2. Nasiara Karim, ShahidIrshad, Imran Khan, Akhtar Mohammad, ItratAnis , Muhammad Raza Shah ,Inamullah Khan, Mary Chebib.GABAA receptor modulation and neuropharmacological activities of viscosine isolated from Dodonaeaviscosa (Linn). Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior 136 (2015) 64–72. (IF= 2.6)
  3. AbeerAbdelhalim, Nasiara Karim,Mary Chebib,TalalAburja, Imran, Khan, Graham,A. R. Johnston,and Jane R. Hanrahan. “Antidepressant, anxiolytic and Antinociceptive Activities of constituents from Rosmarinusofficinalis”, Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical science 18 (4) 448-459, 2015 (IF=1.6)
  4. Niazali, syedwadoodali shah, Ismail Shah, Ghayourahmad, MehreenGhias, Imran Khan, and Waqar Ali. Anthalminitic and relaxant activities of VerbescumThapus Mullein, Complementary and alternative medicine 2012, 12:29(IF= 1.88)
  5. Niazali, syedwadoodali shah, Ismail Shah, Ghayourahmad, MehreenGhias, and Imran Khan, Cytotoxic and anthalminitic potential of crude saponins isolated from AchilleaWilhelmsii C. Koch and TeucriumStocksianum, Complementary and alternative medicine 2011, 11:106(IF= 1.88).
  6. Niazali, syedwadoodali shah, Ismail Shah, Ghayourahmad, MehreenGhias, and Imran Khan. Acute toxicity, brine shrimp cytotoxicity and relaxant activity of callistemon citrinusCurtis,Complementary and alternative medicine 2011,11:99(IF=).
  7. Abdurrauf, Taibi Ben hadda, Shujjatali khan, Mohamed Fawezy Ramadan, Imran khan.Gastrointestinal motility and acute toxicity of pistegremic acid isolated from the galls of Pistaciaintegrrima, (Medicinal Chemistry IF=1.36)
  8. Imran Khan, Nasiarakarim, Waqar Ahmad, Abeer Abdel Halim and Mary Chebib. GABA- A receptor modulation and anticonvulsant, anxiolytic and antidepressant activities of constituents from Artemisia indicalinn(Complementary and altrernative medicines IF: 1.8)
  9. Nasiara Karim, Rahatullah,Imran Khan, Inamullah Khan, Abdur Rauf. Moleculer Docking and Pharmacological evaluation of quinlyl- thienylchalcone for antinociceptive, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities. (Submitted to Current Drug target,IF= 3.02).
  10. Imran Khan, Waqar Ahmad, Nasiara Karim, Manzoor Ahmad, Munsaib Khan, Shafiq Ahmad Tariq, Nuzhat Sultana, Raza Shah, Ajmal Khan, AbeerAbdelhalimAntidiabetic activity and histopathological analysis of carnosol isolated from artemisiaindicalinn in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats.(Medicinal chemistry research IF:1.88Submitted)
  11. Imran khan,Waqar Ahmad, Nasiara Karim, Inamullah Khan, Peer Abdul Hanan.In vivo antihyperglycemic and antihyperlipidemic activity of hederanepalensis in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats (EthnopharmacologyIF: 3.9
  12. Imran Khan, Mughal Qayum, Waqar Ahmad Kaleem, , Muhammad Nisar, Inamullah Khan, Fazli Nasir, Obaidullah and Saeed Ahmad Khan.antileishmanial activity of taxoids isolated from TaxuswallichianaZucc(Submitted to Fronteir in Pharmacology IF= 3.88).
  13. Imran Khan, Mughal Qayum, Waqar Ahmad Kaleem, Abdur Rauf , Muslim Raza , Nasiara Karim, Muhammad Nisar, Inamullah Khan. In-silico and In-vitro Anticancer assay of taxoids isolated from TaxuswallichianaZucc(Submitted to Frontier in Pharmacology IF= 3.88).
  14. Nasiara Karim, NavnathGavande, Graham A. R. Johnston, Jane R. Hanrahan, Imran Khan, Naveed Ahmad and Mary Chebib. 3’methoxy-6-methylflavone and 3’hydroxy-6-methylflavone modulate GABAA receptor function and exert anti convulsant activity in various seizure models (Submitted)
  1. GABA receptors
  2. Opioid receptors
  3. Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
  4. Glycine receptors

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