Name : Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan
Designation : Lecturer
Department : Management Sciences
Qualification(s) : Ph.D. (Finance)
Qualification(s) : MS (Finance)
Qualification(s) : MBA (Finance)
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- Noman, A. H. M., Karim, M. M., Hassan, M. K., Khan, M. A., & Pervin, S. (2023). COVID-19 pandemic and the dynamics of major investable assets: What gives shelter to investors?. International Review of Economics & Finance, 86, 14-30. (Impact factor: 4.5)

- Khan, M. A., Khan, F., Sharif, A., & Suleman, M. T. (2023). Dynamic linkages between Islamic equity indices, oil prices, gold prices, and news-based uncertainty: New insights from partial and multiple wavelet coherence. Resources Policy, 80, 103213. (Impact factor: 8.22) 

- Khan, M. A., Ahmad, R., Azmi, A., & Akbar, M. (2019). A new sentiment index for the Islamic stock market. Investment Analysts Journal, 1-27. (Impact factor: 1.03)

- Khan, M. A., Hernandez, J. A., & Shahzad, S. J. H. (2019). Time and frequency relationship between household investors’ sentiment index and US industry stock returns. Finance Research Letters, 101318. (Impact factor: 9.84) 

- Aloui, C., Shahzad, S. J. H., Hkiri, B., Hela, B. H., & Khan, M. A. (2021). On the investors' sentiments and the Islamic stock-bond interplay across investments' horizons. Pacific- Basin Finance Journal, 65, 101491. (Impact factor: 2.71) 

- AlNemer, H. A., Hkiri, B., & Khan, M. A. (2021). Time-Varying Nexus between Investor Sentiment and Cryptocurrency Market: New Insights from a Wavelet Coherence Framework. Journal of Risk and Financial Management, 14(6), 275. (ESCI indexed)

- Khan, M. A., Akbar, M., Hkiri, B., & Khan, N. (2022). Does Investor Attention Matter? Fresh evidences from Wavelet Approach. Journal of Applied Economics and Business Studies, 6(3), 67-78. 

- Aziz, Y., Khan, M. A., & Mansor, F. (2023). Shariah Audit Practices in Islamic Financial Institutions. Shariah Governance in Islamic Banking Institutions, 131. (Book Chapter)

- Time and frequency relationships of new sentiment index in US Islamic and non-Islamic stock returns: Wavelet analysis is presented in Joint Accounting Research Symposium Universitas Indonesia-University of Malaya with Dr. Rubi Ahmad and Dr. Anna Azmi.

- Dynamic effect of COVID-19 Attention Index, Business Conditions on the Islamic Securities: Insights from Wavelet Analysis is presented in the MFAIC-2021 conference with Muhammad Akbar, Besma Hkiri and Noman Khan.

- Jaafar, N. I., Tajudeen, F. P., Khan, M. A., & Najmi, A. (2019). Instant Messaging Usage: Levels, Motivations and Impacts at Workplace. In PACIS (p. 168).

- A Panel Data Analysis of Working Capital Management Policies (Non-financial firms) is presented at 13th International Conference on Statistical Sciences Islamia College Peshawar on (March 16-18, 2015).


Papers Submitted

 - Does search-based investor sentiment reflect limit to arbitrage between Sharia and non- Sharia equities is under review at International Journal of Finance and Economics with Rubi Ahmad, Anna Azmi and Muhammad Akbar. (Impact factor: 2.93)

- Volatility Spillover and Dynamic Correlation between Islamic, Conventional and other Markets during the immediate outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic is under-review in the International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management. (Impact factor: 2.85)

- Are investor attention risk spillovers Granger causing energy stock returns? is under review in the International Review of Finance with Oluwasegun Babatunde Adekoya, Aviral Kumar Tiwari and David Gabauer. (Impact factor: 1.58)

- Examining the Psychometric Measures of Internet Addiction among IT Professionals in Malaysia with Noor Ismawati Jaafar, Ainin Sulaiman and Bambang Sumintono is under review at Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology (Impact factor: 1.26).

- Performance at Work: PsyCap, Happiness, and Rumination among Non-Academic Staffs in Public University with Safiah Binti Omar, Raida Abu Bakar and Farzana Parveen Tajudeen is under review at Journal of Managerial Psychology (Impact factor: 1.82)

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