Name : Dr. Rafiullah
Designation : Assistant Professor
Department : Agriculture
Qualification(s) : PhD in Agriculture (Soil & Environmental Sciences)
Qualification(s) :
Qualification(s) :
Phone : 0344-9118367
Email :
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  1. Certificate of 18th International Congress of Soil Science (ICSS-2020) to be held on February 11-13,2020 Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam
  2. Certificate of Climate Smart Agriculture and Crop Modeling 18-19 April 2018, Organized by Department of Agronomy, The university of Agriculture, Peshawar
  3. Certificate of Climate Change Threats to Agriculture and Food Security, THINK-ADAPT, November 22-24, 2017, Department of Agronomy and climate Change center, The university of Agriculture, Peshawar
  4. Certificate of completion “How to write a worth Publishing Research Paper”  held at the university of Agriculture Peshawar, Pakistan (Octuber 18-19,2017)
  5. Certificate of ‘’ Innovations in Agriculture’’ March 28-29,2017, Sponsored by the university of Agriculture, Peshawar, Pakistan Science Foundation Islamabad
  7. Certificate of “Scientific Writing and Publication in Journals14th May 2014, Climate Change center University of Agriculture, Peshawar Pakistan
  8. 15th International Congress of Soil Science.Soil Science Society of Pakistan at NARC, Islamabad, Pakistan. (March 18-20,2014).
  9. Certificate of International conference on Climate Change: A challenge for Agriculturists(May 28-30, 2012) Organized under HEC Sponsored Project “international Linkages of Pakistani Universities with Foreign Universities” 
  10. 14th Congress of Soil Science.Soil Science Society of Pakistan at Expo Centre Lahore, Pakistan. March 2012.
  11. 12th Congress of Soil Science. Soil Science society of Pakistan, held at N.W.F.P agriculture University, Peshwar, Octuber20-23, 2008
  12. Certificate of ‘Mega Science Exhibition 2007, University of Peshawar
  1. 1.    Research project as Principle Investigator                       September 2020-21

Project Title: Improving maize yield and phosphorus availability from different Phosphorus sources via phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB) in calcareous soils (SRGP) in progress.

Funded by HEC: Rs. 499980

  1. 2.    Research Associate                                                             March 2009–March 2010

NWFP Agricultural University, Peshawar, Pakistan and Higher Education Commission, Pakistan

Project Title:       “Micronutrients studies for sustainable plum productivity in Peshawar valley."­

Key responsibilities

-     To study the effects of micronutrients application on the yield and yield parameters of plum fruit

-     To assess the effects of micronutrients application on the quality i.e. (Total soluble solid, Juice content, Juice pH, Juice acidity, Reducing and non-reducing sugars) of plum fruit

-     To determine the micronutrients concentration in plum leaves before and after foliar sprays of micronutrients.

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