Name : Dr. Waqar Ahmad
Designation : Lecturer
Department :
Qualification(s) : PhD (Sedimentology, Ichnology) (University of Alberta, Canada)
Qualification(s) :
Qualification(s) :
Phone : 0346-9394940
Email :
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1)      Ahmad, W., & Gingras, M. K. (2022). Ichnology and Sedimentology of the Lower Cretaceous Wabiskaw Member (Clearwater Formation) Alberta, Canada. Marine and Petroleum Geology143, 105775.

2)      Ahmad, W., & Gingras, M. K. (2022). Integrating sedimentology and ichnology with rock typing and flow units: Implications for clastic reservoir characterization. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering208, 109628.

3)      Ahmad, W., Ullah, S., Ahmad, I., Gingras, M. K., Shafique, M., Khan, E. U., & Shah, M. (2021). Reflux dolomitization and subsequent hydrothermal dolomitization induced by the Alkaline Igneous Province in the Middle Devonian Nowshera Formation (Peshawar Basin, NW Pakistan). Marine and Petroleum Geology131, 105178.

4)      Iqbal, A., Ullah, S., Khalid, N., Ahmad, W., Ahmad, I., Shafique, M., & Skidmore, A. K. (2018). Selection of HyspIRI optimal band positions for the earth compositional mapping using HyTES data. Remote sensing of environment206, 350-362.

5)      Shah, M. M., Ahmed, W., Ahsan, N., & Lisa, M. (2016). Fault-controlled, bedding-parallel dolomite in the middle Jurassic Samana Suk Formation in Margalla Hill Ranges, Khanpur area (North Pakistan): petrography, geochemistry, and petrophysical characteristics. Arabian Journal of Geosciences9, 1-18.


  1. Sedimentary facies analysis and depositional environments:
  2. Ichnofacies analysis:
  3. Sequence stratigraphy:
  4. Carbonate Diagenesis and Dolomitization

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