Name : Miss Sumyya Rani (FST)
Designation : Lecturer
Department : Agriculture
Qualification(s) : M.Sc (Hons) Food Science and Technology The University of Agriculture, Peshawar
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  1. Two days training workshop on “Microteaching Skills”
  2. Biosafety training workshop for young researchers
  3. Seminar on “The role of IPRs in promotion of Science and Technology”.
  4. One day seminar on “TB awareness”
  5. Workshop on “Statistical techniques for Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Sciences”.
  6. 1st workshop on “Computer based software application in research”.
  7. Seminor on “Economic importance of fisheries & aquatic pollution a source of human diseases.
  8. Participated two days training of presiding officers & senior Assistant Presiding officers”
  9. 2nd workshop on “Computer based software applications in research”
  10. Seminar on “Cyber attack and defencive measure”
  11. International Conference on “Climate change impact on agriculture and food supply”.
  12. Workshop on “ Impact of hazardous pollutants ( Pesticides and Heavy metals) on aquatic fauna and human beings”.
  13. 1st International conference onDrug discovery against cancer and other diseases”.
  14. Seminar on “ Integration of classical and non classical techniques to improve crop yields”.

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