Provisional Lists of Quantification Results of Eligible Candidates for the Positions Advertised Vide No. (2-3)-2022 & (2-4)-22]
Upload Date: November 28, 2022

The provisional lists of quantification results of eligible candidates for positions advertised vide No. (2-3)-2022 and (2-4)-2022 are as follows:


Click on the following to view the quantification list for each position.

1. Assistant Registrar (BPS-17) [Advertisement No. (2-4)-2022]

2. Assistant Controller of Examinations (BPS-17) [Advertisement No. (2-4)-2022]

3. Assistant Director QEC (BPS-17) [Advertisement No. (2-4)-2022]

4. Assistant Director P&D (BPS-17) [Advertisement No. (2-4)-2022]

5. PS to Vice Chancellor (BPS-17) [Advertisement No. (2-4)-2022]

6. Controller of Examinations (BPS-20) [Advertisement No. (2-3)-2022]



1.The above lists are based on candidates’ qualifications and experience as quantified by the Scrutiny and Quantification Committee.
2.Candidate may file an appeal, in relation to their quantification if any, to the Appellate Committee through the Vice-Chancellor at the latest by 5th   December 2022 (04:00 PM).
3.Errors & omissions are subject to rectification by the University.


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