Department of Sociology Organizes Seminar on ‘Politics of Gender Identity’
Upload Date: November 22, 2021

Department of Sociology Organizes Seminar on ‘Politics of Gender Identity’ 


The Department of Sociology at the University of Swabi held a seminar on the ‘Politics of Gender Identity’ on Monday, 22 November 2021. The seminar aimed to understand the meaning of gender identity, explore the implications of gender difference in various spheres of life, and to discuss ways of tackling gender discrimination. The activity was the first in a series of seminars and workshops aimed at promoting academic excellence in the university and raising awareness about crucial issues in our society. The event was arranged by Dr. Abdul Majid Khan, lecturer Department of Sociology.

Before the first session, in the opening remarks, Dr. Abdul Majid Khan formally welcomed all the guests. After that, he conducted the introductory session in which he provided an overview of gender inequality and related concepts. He explained how such inequality extended into social, political, and economic arenas in Pakistan. Dr. Khan also pointed out that despite our country being a signatory to several international treaties which guarantee gender equality, the realities on the ground were very different. The overall socioeconomic position of women continues to be weaker compared to men. He further emphasized that unless the concept of gender equality is fully inculcated in our minds, our society cannot be fully rid of the scourge of gender discrimination. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the role of gender in society in order to tackle gender discrimination and mitigate its effects. 

The second and main session of the seminar was conducted by Dr. Anoosh Khan who is a professor and chairman at the Department of Gender Studies, University of Peshawar. Dr. Khan, who has extensive teaching and research experience in gender studies, is regarded as an expert in the field. In her session, she elaborated upon the meaning, construction, representation, and practice of gender in society. She also explored the meaning of what identity is. Finally, she discussed how gender and identity are politicized especially in Pakistani society. She emphasized the need for creating an environment for mutual coexistence at the level of the family as well as the whole community. Promoting a sense of acceptance in people of all genders, linguistic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds through legal reforms, media awareness campaigns, and religious interpretations is necessary. 

Professor Dr. Nasir Jamal Khattak, Vice-Chancellor, University of Swabi gave the concluding remarks in the seminar. He congratulated the organizers of the event for the success of the seminar and said that such activities were very important in promoting academic excellence. He further opined that the politics of gender was a very important topic especially when it came to a society such as our own. Dr. Khattak affirmed that gender equality was not only a basic human right but also the foundation of a prosperous and sustainable world.


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