Mission and Vision


The Department of English strengthens the liberal education of students by developing a deepened understanding of language and literacy, the value of critical reading and effective writing, and the richness of literature, past and present. The English major will gain foundational knowledge, use that knowledge with a sense of professionalism and to move toward creative problem solving, and carry that knowledge and problem-solving abilities with them into their careers. The English major at University of Swabi promotes the development of rational and creative abilities through the study of literary texts of various media. The program will succeed with those students who become independent scholars realizing the range of their abilities, the multidisciplinary and global natures of their study, the ethical dimensions of their work, and the contexts and strategies for writing and reading.

Supporting the university’s drive for excellence as it positions itself regionally and internationally, the Department’s mission is to offer an academic program characterized by innovative teaching and research and sustained by the synergies of collaborative work in its four sections of Language, Literature, Linguistics and Translation. Alert to best practice in English Studies globally, the Department strives to provide students with the advanced practical, critical and interpretative skills vital for career success in a world increasingly marked by the shaping demands of language and multiform communication.


We seek to foster knowledge and a love of literature and of language in our students. To this end we will provide students in all emphasis areas with a coherent curricular framework and relevant, well-structured course choices. We will teach a variety of literary, analytical, pedagogical, and theoretical skills. We will teach students to speak, read, and write effectively. We will encourage students to think deeply and to reflect on what they have learned. We will encourage a love of learning and an appreciation for a liberal education. The English Department envisions majors who become increasingly independent learners across the two years of their graduate education.

We envision students who gain confidence in themselves and with that confidence express their ideas clearly and boldly; who are tolerant of others and comfortable with contradictions, complexity, and ambiguity; who are seekers and creators. We envision majors who grow in understanding of their own discipline within the broader context of liberal studies and of global cultures. Ultimately, we envision majors who are empowered by their education to interact effectively and usefully in their society. Committed across its sections in Language, Literature, Linguistics and Translation to offering students a first-rate educational experience, the Department aims to produce graduates equipped with the advanced skills and flexibility necessary for moving into a wide variety of professional fields and making enduring contributions to them.


The program aims to produce graduates with:

  • The intercultural skills, sensitivities and understanding needed to work and interact with people of other cultures.
  • The knowledge, skills and linguistic competence to enable them to function successfully in English both in further academic studies and in the wider community.
  • A range of specialized and transferable skills, including high-order conceptual, literacy and communication skills of value in graduate employment.
  • The capacity for independent creative and academic achievement.
  • A commitment to enhancing personal competence in English and to reading widely and independently for their personal, intellectual, social and professional development.

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