Journalism & Mass Communication


Today, we are living in an era of globalization and information explosion where technology has revolutionized information handling as information and its communication has become the centre of every activity. Hence, it is inevitable that we need to train our youth for the challenges of the information age in order to survive and progress. Establishment of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication is aimed to produce qualified journalists and media professionals who are able to cater to the growing needs of the national press and the mass communication industry. The Department of Journalism Mass Communication encompasses a wide variety of disciplines, starting from the basic perspectives of the field of journalism, mass media and communication. Currently, the department offers a four year (eight semesters) Bachelor degree programme in Journalism and Mass Communication. The programme is aimed to develop in students the ability to assess the roles and effects of mass media on society and life, and helps them gain specific media production skills through extensive practical work.

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