Vision, Mission and Objectives


To take steps as a leader in the advancement of Mathematics and endorsement of Science and Technology in both public and private sector Universities in the region.


In chaseof our vision, the effort of the department of Mathematics, University of Swabi is to provide Excellent Teaching and perform quality research. Not only this but also to produce best graduates who will play leading roles in their professional life. Our students will be selected on purely merit.


  • To enhance the ability as well as character building of students that can make them a true human being.
  • To develop and increase the faculty covering all the disciplines of Mathematics.
  • Recognition and reward of the Department's staff as its greatest asset.
  • To strengthen all the academic programs. Special emphasizes will be given to lunch MPhil  and PhD programs.
  • To develop industrial based Mathematics curriculum so that a close link can be created between Mathematics and industry.
  • To encourage faculty for research projects, paper presentation.
  • To promote “University of Swabi Journal” as the best quality research journal.
  • Strong support for researchers.

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