Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies is a new discipline introduced to understand the reasons of conflict, methods of resolving them and realizing the dream of everlasting peace. Though the subject is new but its substance is as old as time itself. Conflict and its resolution has always been part of human history. Study of war and peace were considered the domain of Political  Science, International Relations and comparatively recent discipline: Defence and Strategic Studies.

However, over the past decade, the urge for voilence and resulting conflicts has reached new dimensions and forms, particularly in our country and region. This sudden increase in voilence and change in the dynamics of conflicts compelled the academia to re-consider the issue. War is no more a domain of states, niether is it necessarily fought on borders. The emergence of non state actors and proxies has bruoght war to the streets. There is no doubt in the fact that a phenomenon which affects millions of people direclty and indirectly needs a separate discipline. Only a new discipline wholly dedicated to conflict and its resolution can enable us to understand, comprehend and resolve Conflict.

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