Name :Aman Ullah
Designation :Lecturer / HOD / Assistant to Dean
Department : Sociology
Qualification(s) :Mphil Sociology (Gold Medalist)
 M.A Rural Sociology (Gold Medalist)
Phone : 0343-5552755
Email :
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Education, Social Research  and Gender Studies

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  2. The Ubiquitous Phenomenon of Cheating in the Light of the Holy Qurn and Hadith (Taddhib al Afkar .02(01),2015.ISSN:2411-6211
  3. Teachers’ Class room Behavior and its impacts upon Learning Process (AJTMR.Vol. 05.Issue: 02 (Jun - Dec 2015). ISSN: 2249 –0892]
  4. Does Effective Legal System Will Abolish Disputes of Inherited Land in Pakhtoon Society (AJTMR.Vol. 05.Issue: 02 (Jun - Dec 2015). ISSN: 2249 –0892]
  5. Family Role in Settling Inheritance Feuds among Heirs (PJPBS, 2016, Vol. 2, No. 1, 107-126)