Department of Economics

The growing involvement of government in regulating economic affairs in such diverse areas as utility rate regulation, environmental standards, occupational health and safety regulation, medical and other services, and assistance to low-income households has created a considerable and growing demand for people with administrative capabilities combined with an understanding of economic incentives, economic systems, and the role of the public sector. That is the reason there exists a great demand by both the public and private sectors for graduates with degrees in fields of Economics. Therefore, Department of Economics, University of Swabi, responding to a market need.

Economics provides training in logical thought and analysis which can be applied widely in every-day decision making, not just to matters which are usually labelled "economic”. The underlying philosophy of our teaching and academic program is that a rapidly changing world requires adaptable analytical skills.  Accordingly, our department aims to prepare our students with a wide range of career options that are readily adapted to the issues of the day. These may be positions in industry, government, non-government and international organizations.

We offer a Master in Economics and are planning to introduce BS Program very soon. Students having an interest in studying Economics shouldn’t vacillate to visit us and be part of a committed, open and all-inclusive intellectual atmosphere here at the Department of Economics.