Authors Guidelines

Authors Guidelines

All the interested authors are requested to keep in view the scope, aims, and the following guidelines while preparing and submitting their manuscripts.

  • The manuscript should be submitted in Microsoft word format.
  • The manuscriptmust be accompanied by a covering letter where the authors should clearly declare that the work or any part of it has not been published elsewhere and has not been submitted to any journal for publication.
  • Manuscript should be typed in Times New Roman font style with a font size of 11.
  • The authors are advised to keep the layout of text simple and clear.
  • The authors should write the equations and figures readable by using advance softwares.
  • The figures provided should be of high resolution.
  • The manuscript should containTitle, Abstract, keywords, Abbreviations, Brief introduction, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and References.
  • References should be written in the following format.

Research paper

  1. Rauf A, Uddin G, Khan H, Raza M, Zafar M, Tokuda H. Anti-tumour-promoting and thermal-induced protein denaturation inhibitory activities of β-sitosterol and lupeol isolated from Diospyros lotus L. Natural Product Research. (2016), 30, 1205-1207.
  2. Rahman K, Hussain A, Ullah S, Zai IU. Phytochemical analysis and chemical composition of different branded and unbranded honey samples. International Journal of Microbiological Research. (2013), 2, 132-137.
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  4. Mandal MD, Mandal S. Honey: its medicinal property and antibacterial activity. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine. (2011), 1, 154-160.

Book chapter

  1. Rauf A, Jehan N, Syed Shah SUA. Analgesics potential of extract and derived natural products from medicinal plants.Book chapter proposal.InTech - open science. (2016), 4, 515-520, ISBN 978-953-51-5055-8.