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I am assertive that Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is functioning hard to expand the quality of higher education being instructed in University of Swabi. We are fully committed to implement Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) policies here in our university by establishing a formal QEC. Our university is one of many universities in Pakistan where this cell has been established by HEC in April 2013 in recognition of the keen interest of the honorable Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Noor Jehan to promote quality of education.

About QEC

The QEC at University of Swabi is strongly devoted to implement the recommendations and policies of QAAHigher Commission Education (HEC) in its properessence. Higher education is very vital for dynamiccontribution in the knowledge societies which in turn speed up economic growth. Quality education is essential to gain entree to knowledge which sureties’ economic development. This makes the circumstance of higher education in Pakistan a very critical issue. Identifying this, the Higher Education Commission is dedicated to quality assertion and augmentation of higher education organizations.

To attain world class standards, quality assessment and continuous improvement are the requiredelements. This comprises the endorsement of academic programmes and quality assessment of the institutions.The university quality assessment is predominantly concerned with the institutional issues rather than program issues. In order to tackle the basic issue of quality and academic standards, the HEC has taken a serious step to establish Quality Enhancement Cells at higher education institutions in Pakistan. Our QEC Mission Statement and Objectives reflect the adoption of quality enhancement culture at University of Swabi.

The standard of education in Pakistan is not up to the mark of international standards, as our degree is either not accepted or rarely recognized as compared to other countries degree.  To fill this gap and to enhance the overall quality of our education system, HEC has set up Quality assurance agency. The University of Swabi QEC is tangled in Surveys related to students, Staff and different departments, Capacity building of faculty and staff and the facilitating the Self-Assessment Process.